if you bring your own wine, there is a corkage fee of $6.- per bottle
HOUSE WINES (white & red)  – by the glass $4.00
– per bottle $12.00
CHARDONNAY (white wines)
BV Coastal Estates
strong, fresh apple-citrus aromas
(glass) $6.00
with a hint of vanilla (bottle) $24.00
Sutter Home  aromas of fresh pear, peach, apple $5.00
and lemon $20.00
CABERNET (red wines)  BV Coastal Estates enticing aromas and lush flavors $6.00
of blackberry and black cherry, with hints of mocha & toasted oak $24.00
Sutter Home  juicy cherry and currant flavors, $5.00
hits of toasted oak, and smooth tannins lead to a full, graceful finish $20.00
MERLOT (red wines)  BV Coastal Estates $6.00
smooth black cherry, plum and mocha flavors $24.00
Sutter Home  a fresh black cherry aroma, with $5.00
hint herbal spice $20.00
IMPORTED BEER  – SINGHA $3.95 (S) $7.25 (L)
– CHANG $3.95 (S) $7.25 (L)